Worldband Introduces:

It’s a Secured Peace of Mind from:
  • Compromised Customer Data
  • Server Downtime
  • Offices With No One Working
  • The Cost of Being “Down”

SecurITy Net is a customized managed service approach that is uniquely tailored for your business needs. Worldband takes the latest IT challenges and puts your mind at ease by offering personalized cost effective solutions.

Is Your Business Competitive?
In todays modern economy being competitive isn't always easy. Utilizing every available tool is crucial to succeeding. From making widgets to closing deals, leveraging technology is mandatory. Is your business doing all it can to succeed.

Questions To Ask Yourself:
How can....
  • Your Data be Securely & Redundantly Stored?
  • You Recover Quickly from a Technical Disaster?
  • Your IT Proactively Support Your Needs?
  • Your Business be Ready to Integrate with the Cloud?
  • You Provide Remote Connectivity for your Employees?
  • Your IT Support be Operational 24x7
  • You Test your Disaster Recovery Plan?
  • You Leverage your Existing Technology to Maximize Communication & Efficiency?

Answer: SecurITy Net
Contact us for a free consultation. Our engineers can meet with you at your business, or you can visit our main office to discuss your company’s individual needs and how best to meet them. Enjoy the peace of mind and security of a comprehensive dedicated managed IT services program.

Worldband SecurITy Net:

Guaranteed Emergency Response
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Dedicated 24x7 Service & Support
Hourly Blocks of Service
  • Flexible Blocks to Maximize Value
  • Roll Over
Mobile Access Solutions
  • Leverage That Phone & Tablet
  • Mobile Access Anywhere
  • Take Your Data & Infrastructure to the Cloud
Network Planning & Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Documentation & Illustration
Disaster Proof Backup Solutions
  • Backups, Security at the Cloud
  • HIPPA & FIPS Compliance
  • Remote Access Anytime/ Anywhere
Cloud Computing Integration
Web/Mail Filtering & Hosting